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Little Bastards

  • Little Bastards

These 2 cups come together, they are in love and can't be separated.
Little bastards of the family.

Collection : Friends
Product : Sculpture & cup
Material : White stoneware, limegreen glaze inside, White glaze outside +
Grey Lava clay, Transparent glaze outside, lavender inside. Red matte lips.
Dimensions ≈ höjd 10cm/ bredd 13 cm ≈

≈All products are art objects with a functional twist≈

Since all products are handmade and unique,
deviations in form and intensity of colors are part of the design.

All products are foodsafe, made from earthenware
and stoneware fired between 1050°C and 1220°C.
Do not use in the dishwasher or microwave.