My name is Ebba Chambert, I am a scandinavian Ceramic artist and painter. Im based in Denmark.

In my work I explore the soft world around me, the living material of clay and its various tones. 

I like faces, human and animal faces and the stories they tell.

I create fantasy figures inspired by real people, catching glimpses and essences of their being.

 I sell my things here online and in person.


All products are unique and hand-made, expect a delivery time for 2-3 days  if you are in Denmark and a bit more if you order from abroad and depending on the item you purchase.

Since all products are handmade and unique,
deviations in form and intensity of colors are part of the design.

All products made from earthenware
and stoneware fired between 1050°C and 1200°C.
Several colors of clay are used (white, Lava grey, Brown, Black).

Do not use in the dishwasher or microwave.

For any special requests or questions contact us at [email protected]

I make comissions for companies, municipalities and property owners.

I am collaborating with various creators:  illustrators, photographers, hairdressers musicians, etc. and I am always open for new magic encounters and adventures.

See more of my art on instagram and my website.